Shopping Guide Training

Sunday Friends

Shopping Guide Training

A Sunday Friends staff member will give you an orientation and training to be a great Shopping Guide. This document is simply an overview, so listen carefully for the specifics the trainer will give you.

The Concept

We try to simulate real-world shopping as closely as possible. Our families have worked hard for their tickets and want to make well-considered shopping decisions. Your job is to help them shop and keep the shopping experience moving along smoothly for everyone.

Before you come

1. Check the weather report. Dress for being outside.

2. Eat enough so you won’t be hungry before 7PM. Light snacks will be served but not dinner.

The Schedule for Shopping Guides


Sign in and turn off your cell phone


Shopping Guide Training begins – be on time!


Shopping begins


Shopping ends when takedown is complete

Getting Started

The shopping route starts in the cafeteria. First, you will receive an orange vest, a clip board and a shopping slip. You will record each purchase for each store on the shopping slip. Please write very clearly and spell words out in full.

Important: The Family Number of the shopping slip must match the number on your shopper’s name tag.

Greet Your Shopper

You will be paired with one family member. Get to know each other as you walk together to a table or comfortable bench outside. Count the shopper’s tickets and record the amount on the shipping slip. Speak English as much as possible (your shopper is probably eager to practice).

The Treasure Chest

When you begin shopping, the Time Keeper will record the time you entered and remind you how much time you have to shop that day (Shopping times may vary).

Enjoy helping your shopper find the items they wish to purchase. Respect their preferences and choices.

With young children, help them with the math: How many tickets will they have left if they buy this item? Also, help them decide if they want to save to purchase a more expensive item later. Thoughtful decision-making and delayed gratification are part of what we are teaching.

Only adults can shop in the Parents Store.

Look for shopping restriction signs posted throughout the store that explain the most current rules of shopping. The rules can be unique for each program. The list below is a sample provided to give you a feel for what they might be the day you attend:

  1. No more than 3 toys per shopper;

  2. No more than 3 items of clothing;

  3. Only teens (ages 12-17) may shop from the special Teen Shelf.

Treasure Chest Cashier

Work with your shopper to determine how many tickets to pay the cashier and how much change to request. You are responsible for giving the Cashier the correct number of tickets.

There may be additional stores in operation:
If so, proceed with the shopping slip and your shopper to the next store.
If not, leave the shopping slip with the cashier. Escort your shopper back to the Bank in the cafeteria and encourage him/her to deposit extra tickets in the Bank.

Other Stores that may be in operation:
Sidewalk Sale – Bike Shop – Specialty Shops

Accompany your shopper to any other shops that are open that day.  Be sure to record their purchases in the correct spaces on the Shopping Slip.  The staff in each shop will clarify the rules and procedures for each store.  When done with the last shop, be sure to leave the completed Shopping Slip with the last Cashier.  Ensure that all records are neat and totals are double-checked.

The Bank

Escort your shopper to the Bank in the cafeteria. Encourage your shopper to redeposit unused tickets in his/her Bank Account.   Remind your shopper that their banked tickets will earn interest, so they will have even more when they return for the next program. Don’t force anyone to use the Bank, however.

Bid a warm goodbye to your shopper. If your shopper is a young child, though, reunite him/her with the parent, first.

Shopping Guide Pairing Station
(In or Near the Cafeteria)

Before you return to the Shopping Guide Pairing Station, feel free to grab some water or a snack and use the restroom (it closes at 6:00PM).

You will soon be paired with your next shopper and repeat this process. The stores do not close until all participants have had an opportunity to shop.

Stay for Cleanup and Takedown

We are counting on you to stay and help with the takedown and cleanup of the shopping areas after all shopping has completed. Please do not leave early.


  • Show respect - Do not text or listen to music during the program. Your cell phone should be used to arrange for transporation.

  • The restrooms close at 6PM. None are available after 6.

  • Even if you have been a Shopping Guide in the past, please continue to attend the trainings. Things change. You need to be up to date every program.
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