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Sunday Friends

"My experiences with Sunday Friends, especially your example of generosity and caring, have been endlessly useful and inspiring". - College Volunteer

A Typical Day at Sunday Friends

Shift 1: 11:00-2:00






11:00 Shift 1 volunteers arrive and sign in. Setup begins inside the cafeteria and at the store.

12:00 Volunteers begin painting with children and playing Academic Games with children at designated tables inside the cafeteria.

12:30 Volunteers and children begin Art and Craft activities. The Bank opens. A Class for Parents and Teens begins.

1:00 Volunteers and children begin preparing and cooking healthy snacks.

1:30 Class for Parents and Teens ends. Letter Writing begins.

2:00 Shift 1 ends.

Shift 2: 12:30-4:00

Arts and Crafts, Academic Games, and Food Activities



12:30 Shift 2 volunteers arrive and sign in.  Volunteers and children begin Art and Craft activities inside the cafeteria. A Class for Parents and Teens begins. The Bank opens.

1:00 Healthy snack and cooking activities begin.

1:30 Class for Parents and Teens ends. Letter Writing begins.

3:00 Cleanup begins for some art and craft or food activities.

4:00 All art and craft activities are complete, tables are clean, and Shift 2 ends.

Shift 3: 2:00-4:00

Spanish Translation



2:00 Shift 3 volunteers arrive and sign in. Letter and Spanish translation begins inside cafeteria.

2:00 English as a Second Language (ESL) Class begins inside the classroom.

4:00 ESL Class ends.

4:00-5:00 Letter Sorting begins at “empty” tables inside cafeteria.

6:00 Letter Sorting is complete and Shift 3 ends.

Shift 4: 3:00 – 4:30 or 5:30 (depending on the program)

Shopping Guides or Educational Games, and Takedown




3:30 Shift 4 volunteers arrive and sign in.  Shopping Guides put on a Green Vest, and grab a clipboard and pen get ready to start Shopping Guide Training.

3:30/4:00 Some volunteers engage children in educational games or reading.

3:00 Exercise Class begins, ending at 3:30.

3:45 Shopping Guide Training begins.

4:00 Shopping begins in the Store, and possibly Sidewalk Sale or Bike Shop. Exercise Class ends.

5:00-5:30 Shopping and takedown conclude.

6:00 Bank is closed and program concludes.

The Treasure Chest, Parent Store, Sidewalk Sale, Bike Shop, and Role of a Shopping Guide

Sunday Friends

The Treasure Chest and Parent Store make up our very own store for basic necessities, school supplies, games, toys, parent and teen items, and more.  The Sidewalk Sale sells used donations at a discount and is held approximately every other month.  The Bike Shop sells bikes that are donated from the Silicon Valley Bike Exchange and is held approximately once a month.  Families buy each item with the tickets they earn for participating in each program activity and have saved up in our bank.

Each family member (even children) can open their own bank account in our Sunday Friends Bank to save their tickets and practice financial literacy.  They can even earn interest!  

After training, each Shopping Guide is paired with one family member at a time to help them shop, record items purchased, share conversation, carry items, and make money-management decisions.   When all families have shopped, volunteers help take down the program by putting away all of the materials.  Shopping Guides must be 14 or older and read the Shopping Guide Orientation before your first time.

And more volunteer opportunities are available, too:

Sunday Friends    Sunday Friends

These opportunities include:

Teach ESL


Let us know if you are interested during your interview.


Assist with Banking and Statistics


Let us know if you are interested during your interview.





Let us know if you are interested and the grade levels/ subjects you can tutor during your interview. Bring worksheets of various subjects for children to work on. We will let the families know that tutoring is available at the program.