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Paola Sanmiguel

Board Member

Paola Sanmiguel is a tech executive with over ~20 years of experience designing and deploying products in Silicon Valley. She is a Human-Centered Designer specializing in Product Design & Development as well as User Research & Strategy. She has worked for Google, Intel, Verizon and several start-ups. In her latest role as an UX Researcher & Designer at Salesforce, she’s helping the #1 tech company further improve their products’ usability. As a Female Founder, she was the Chief Product Officer for Scout, a female-centric privacy-forward security app designed with the needs of female runners in mind. Ms. Sanmiguel holds a B.A. in Science, Technology & Society (PST) from the University of Virginia as well as an M.S. in Integrated Design, Business & Technology from the University of Southern California, Iovine & Young Academy. She is also currently a Professor at California College of the Arts, where she teaches in the Design Department. She has worked and conducted research in Asia, Europe, Latin American, the U.S. & Israel, and is the Founder of an international consulting agency. She speaks Spanish & English fluently as well as basic German. She is a board member, a triathlete, a street photographer, a trained chef, and is studying Futurism & the world of VC. Connect:

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