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learning continues

in the homes

While parents and children engage in learning activities together for 6 hours on Sundays at Sunday Friends, we don’t believe even that is enough. Sunday Friends believes that the test of our success is whether the family-centered learning also continues in the homes during the week.

And it does! 72% of parents told us in the 2015 Program Evaluation, that they spend more time sharing meaningful activities with their children without the TV on, thanks to Sunday Friends.

But even that statistic was not enough for us. So, we now send learning activities home with our families: Children’s books with book report forms, math learning games and STEM activities with game report forms, letter and essay writing packets, and English learning worksheets.

Families complete these “take-home” projects together during the week and return essays, letters, worksheets, book reports, STEM activity reports, and learning game reports to the program (for extra tickets).

Would you believe that we currently receive 6,000 handwritten essays, letters, worksheets, and reports every month! Clearly, family-centered learning is becoming a habit within the homes.

Families tell us:

“My family has become closer because we all sit together and write our letters and draw and answer questions. We work together. Now we try to spend as much time as we can together without fighting or arguing. Sunday Friends taught us to be like this.”

" What’s different now between my child and I, is that I try to spend as much time as I can at home with him doing some other activities the Sunday Friends program provides. This also teaches me how to help him with his homework.”


In the Year 2017 Program Evaluation:

  1. 94% of parents reported that the Take-Home Projects bring their family closer together.
  2. 96% reported that the projects help them remember what they have learned at Sunday Friends.
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