Organize a Toy Drive

Sunday Friends

Please consider creating a Toy Drive to help us fill our Treasure Chest shelves with toys. You should see the kids’ joy and their pride as they exchange their well-earned Sunday Friends tickets for the toys of their dreams! We appreciate all kinds of toys - for all ages. Exceptions: Please, no toys with weapons, nothing military-themed, nothing edible, nothing that requires electronic equipment. If you donate toys that require batteries, please consider including some batteries.

Interested in organizing a drive? Sunday Friends has a number of ways to help:

Would you like help creating a flyer? If so, take a look at our Customizable Toy Flyer Start with this flyer then edit the blue portions to make sense for your organization. Or, feel free to create your own flyer, copying as you wish from this one.

Would you like a toy collection box? The children of Sunday Friends have created some. Place your request soon by e-mailing us at

Are you interested in a "kit" that will allow your group to have fun decorating your own basic necessities collection box? Send us an email at

Would you like to review some fun party and collection ideas for inspiration?

Do you need delivery information or help with a pickup or delivery? Please let Sunday Friends know at

Do you have questions or other ideas to share? E-mail us at or call (408) 217-9587.