Shopping Sprees

Sunday FriendsHere's a fun opportunity for your group or family: Shop till you drop for the families of Sunday Friends!

How it works

  • Your group will meet at a convenient store (talk with the store manager to request a percent discount) on a day and at a time of your choosing. Possible stores include: Target, Walmart, or Walgreens.

  • Each participant contributes $10 or more.

  • Divide into shopping teams (we suggest about 5 people per team).
  • Each team picks a "mission": basic necessities, school supplies, girls' toys, teens' gifts, dads' gifts, warming presents, etc.
  • Each team searches the store for the best gifts.
  • Choose a photographer who will take pictures. Have fun!
  • Meet back at the registers to check out together.
  • Visit our program or the Treasure Chest to drop off items.
  • Please send us pictures, testimonials, team's information and store receipts.
  • Request a tax receipt, if desired.

Why It's Important

Through a Shopping Spree for Sunday Friends, you can give opportunities instead of handouts. The gifts you gather will make it possible for children and parents to earn and select what they need for themselves or for their loved ones through Sunday Friends' programs. You will help struggling families to help themselves.


  • Determine how much money you have collected to spend. Figure that 9% (or so) tax will be added to anything you buy but you will likely receive a 10% to 15% discount at checkout, so the money you have is roughly the amount you have to spend.

  • Feel free to spend more if someone on your team will supply the extra money (or a credit card) at the checkout register.

  • Know your mission: What are you shopping for?

  • Please avoid holiday-themed gifts.

  • It’s okay to select items with a variety of dollar values. They don’t have to be comparable. Remember that our “shoppers” will make decisions about how to spend their tickets. A range of choices is good.

  • If members of your team are not familiar with how Sunday Friends works, please fill them in.

  • Be sure to ham for pictures if you have a photographer with you. Show off the items you are buying along with your team and shopping spirit. Share your photos with Sunday Friends so we can post on our website.

    Level Studios employees had an "amazing" time at their own holiday shopping spree, benefiting the families of Sunday Friends

Other Ideas - Optional, but Fun!

  • Award prizes for great finds (we suggest that no team wins more than 1 prize):

    • Best Bargain

    • Most Creative

    • Most Adorable

  • If you have several teams, you might provide nametags with team names.

  • Create a competition for your group:

    • Divide into teams ahead of time and see which team can raise the most amount to spend at the Shopping Spree.

  • Have everyone meet for a celebration ice cream or meal after the Spree.

  • Have participants visit the Sunday Friends programs to donate items and/or volunteer for program activities.

  • Award participants with volunteer hours for participating (Sunday Friends will sign).

  • Tell your friends, co-workers and others about the Shopping Spree.

  • If you can't participate in a Shopping Spree, you can Contribute for Shopping.

Prefer to shop online? Participate in a Virtual Shopping Spree

  • Form a team with your co-workers or friends and pick a online store: Target, Toys R Us, etc.

  • Each participant contributes $10 or more.

  • Have your team pick a "mission": basic necessities, school supplies, girls' toys, teens' gifts, dads' gifts, warming presents, etc.

  • Search the online store for the best gifts.

  • Ship gifts to Sunday Friends.

Want to participate or get additional information? Please e-mail: