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2022 Holiday Gift-a-Family Sponsorships Now Open!

About Our 3rd Annual Holiday Gift-a-Family:

In 2020, due to COVID restrictions, we pivoted from our beloved Holiday Shopping Spree event to the Gift-a-Family model in order to continue to support Sunday Friends' families during the holidays. It has been such a great success, we are excited to invite you to support our 3rd annual Gift-a-Family program. Please read through the instructions below and follow the link farther down for the 2022 Gift-a-Family Wishlists to sponsor a family.

All year here at Sunday Friends, families have been hard at work developing their skills in our classes and activities that are equipping them to achieve economic mobility. While participating in these opportunities, families receive basic necessities and other goodies throughout the year, but the holidays can be extra challenging. Gift-a-Family is an opportunity for you to partner with us to elevate hope this holiday season and recognize the consistent self-improvement and learning that families are diligently investing in at Sunday Friends.

Sponsor ~ Shop ~ Wrap ~ Label ~ Deliver ~ Easy!

Sponsor One or More Families:

Each family at Sunday Friends has the opportunity to provide a wishlist. You are invited to sponsor one or more families by shopping for the items on their list, wrapping them up, and delivering them to Sunday Friends on Sunday, December 11, 2022, 9:30-11:30 am.

All you have to do is sponsor, shop, wrap, label, and deliver. Easy!

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Here are the basic instructions how you can elevate hope this holiday season by sponsoring one or more families. At the end of the instructions, follow the link to the Wishlist portal hosted by Roonga.

  • Please read all of the instructions here.

  • By sponsoring a family, you are choosing to provide a gift to each member of the family.

  • WISHLISTS--The wishlist provides gift ideas sizes, color and style, etc. At the end of the instructions is the link to access the wishlists where you can select one or more families.

  • SHOPPING--Some wishlists offer more than one idea per family member. You are only expected to purchase one item per person. Purchasing additional items is optional.

    • Individual gifts are expected to be $50 or under. Any amount above that is optional.

    • Please include gift receipts, if possible.

    • Please no weapons! Please no gifts that look like a gun and/or shoots a projectile in facsimile of a gun including nerf guns or variants thereof. Please no gifts that condone violence.

  • WRAPPING--Please ensure all gifts are wrapped/boxed/bagged, using the same paper for ease of identification.

  • LABELLING--Include Family ID#, Members' First Name, and Gift Number out of Total Number of Gifts (eg. Family ID #1234, Andy, Gift 2 of 3). If more than one person shares the same name in the family, also include their age.

  • DONATION FORM--please include a completed Sunday Friends Donation Form with your donation.

  • DROP-OFF DUE DATE--Gifts need to be delivered on Sunday, December 11 between 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM. --If this absolutely CANNOT work with your schedule, please send an email to Andy at to schedule an alternative drop-off time during the week of December 5.

  • DROP-OFF LOCATION--Donated gifts should be dropped off at the Shirakawa Elementary School Cafeteria across the parking lot from the Sunday Friends office at 665 Wool Creek Drive, San Jose, CA 95112.

  • DISTRIBUTION--Families will receive their donated gifts starting at 1:00 PM on Sunday, December 11. 


If you have any questions, send us a note at

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