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giving back

Families tell us:
"Sunday Friends makes me feel that I can be useful."
"My sons have been learning to be honest, responsible, and overall humanitarian. All this can be learned in the Sunday Friends program."
"Here on Sunday is where love lives, the best experiment that describes the phrase it is better to give than to receive."

  • Parents and children write and illustrate hundreds of personal thank you letters to Sunday Friends’ supporters each program.

  • In these ways and many more, all participants help each other to bring out their best and learn.

Central to Sunday Friends is the opportunity to give back to the community that supports Sunday Friends. Our families have so much to give. Our programs help children and their parents identify and develop their gifts, not their neediness.

Here are some of the ways that family members give back to the community through Sunday Friends:


  • Families start and end each program by cleaning the grounds of the school that hosts our programs. On warm days, children wash the playground equipment and benches.

  • In every program, children create craft gifts for people who have different disadvantages in life than they do. They give to residents of senior centers, children in hospitals, overseas communities, injured veterans and disabled individuals.

  • Children collaborate with volunteers to prepare and serve nutritious food to everyone in the program.

Our Program Evaluation demonstrates how successful Sunday Friends is with Giving Back.

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