It takes a multi-faceted approach to help families build economic stability. Sunday Friends prepares families for a more self-sufficient future by providing education, practice and satisfying experiences in the following areas:

Sunday Friends

Each of the above areas is a necessary ingredient in the formula for creating healthy, productive, economically stable futures. Yet, most families in need do not naturally seek out education in these areas. That is because their present day is consumed by the need to make ends meet, stay in housing and put food on the table for one more day.

In order to open to education for the future, families need a way to meet their present needs. Sunday Friends provides that way. Through participation in our programs, family members earn "tickets", redeemable for basic necessities, including toiletries, diapers, school supplies, laundry detergent, sports equipment, learning toys and more - even rent for their homes!

If you could see our participants' family budgets, you would marvel that they are surviving on so little income. When we examine the numbers, it becomes clear to us that, were families not able to earn their personal items through Sunday Friends…

  • They would not be able to make ends meet and pay the rent.
  • Many would become homeless; others would use desperate means to stay in housing.
  • Parents would not have the bandwidth to help their children with homework, learn parenting effectiveness or build the confidence and skills needed for entering the job market.
  • Children would be caught up in the daily stress of meeting basic survival needs, unable to apply themselves at school.
  • Many of the children would be pulled out of school frequently, finding no stability there.

Because of Sunday Friends:

  • Families are staying out of homelessness and avoiding moving their children from school to school.
  • Moms tell us: "Sunday Friends is my first job – and now I'm ready to find a job in the bigger world".
  • 98% of parents surveyed in 2017 report that they are now more actively involved in helping their children succeed in school.
  • 95% of adults report that they spend more meaningful educational time with their child.
  • 92% feel that they have become better role models for their children.
  • 94% of believe that their children will be more financially stable when they grow up, thanks to Sunday Friends.

Sunday Friends' families are conscientiously taking the steps needed to break the cycle of poverty. Many depend on our programs – for now. At the same time, we are helping them build the knowledge, skills, confidence, community focus and work styles needed for self-sufficiency for the future.

Please peruse the "Our Program" menu to learn about the various ways families prepare for better futures through Sunday Friends while they meet their needs for today.