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parenting effectiveness

  1. We create a healthy setting in which parents and children can work, earn and learn together throughout the seven-hour Sunday Friends programs on a regular basis.

  2. We teach a wide variety of topics through our Practical Life Skills Classes for parents and teens and further support parenting through our One-on-One Consultations.

  3. We also teach through our bilingual newsletter publications for families.

  4. We encourage parents to write about their parenting philosophies through our every-program writing activity, thus strengthening their identification with conscious parenting.

  5. Volunteers and staff model patient, warm mentoring of children during every art, cooking, educational game, music, exercise, cleaning, shopping and other Sunday Friends activity.

  6. We send home projects for families to complete together in their homes during the week.

A Class Presenter tells us:

"I enjoyed each time I did a presentation for Sunday Friends because of their well-organized structure, the enthusiastic team on board, the committed volunteers and the amount of engaged parents attending the workshops. Plus, a week or two later after presenting the workshops, I receive a nice and priceless handmade thank you letter from the children of the parents that attended my presentations."

One thing that all parents who attend Sunday Friends have in common is a deep love for their children. Another commonality is the desire for their children to succeed in school and in life, to avoid repeating the poverty lifestyle that they learned from their parents.

However, most of our participating parents lack much of the education that they need to help their children succeed. 40% did not graduate high school. 91% speak a language other than English at home. The parents themselves did not learn from their own parents how to help with homework.

Sunday Friends assists parents in building parenting effectiveness in a variety of ways:


Families tell us:

"Sunday Friends has changed my life because I am able to spend quality time with my children. I am able to sit and talk to them about different things that I've learned at the Program. I've learned to have more patience with my children."

"I have also learned how to be a better parent. Everything I learn here I put it to practice at home in order to be a better mother.

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