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Listen to a 7-minute presentation by Janis Baron on Sunday Friends' unique path-to-college programming. Learn the secret to involving parents, from infancy through college, so the generational cycle of poverty can be broken with the youths.


We have discovered that our teens are hard-working and motivated but had no one to guide them through the daunting process of applying to college. Their parents have become eager to help, but with no formal educational background themselves, no computers or computer skills and, sometimes, limited English, they did not know what to say or do.

Within Sunday Friends programs, each student along with his/her parent(s) sits down for a conversation with a career coach, followed by a get-down-to-business session with a college guidance counselor. The family may return as often as needed for continuing personalized help.

Sunday Friends guides these youths as they prepare for college and we help to ensure that they will succeed in college. We have put together a team of professionals consisting of college guidance counselors, career coaches and language interpreters to work one-on-one with our teens and young adults and their parents within Sunday Friends programs. These counselors advise on: 

  • Class selection in high school and middle school

  • Constructive use of time outside of school: after school enrichment programs, summer programs, tutoring services, etc.

  • Career planning, with the help of a Career Coach

  • College research, via computer and discussion

  • College entrance exams and exam prep, SATs, etc.

  • College applications: deadlines, processes, essays, filling out forms

  • Financial aid: Clarification, research, help with applications

Path-to-College (1)

path to college

Many youths who have "grown up through Sunday Friends" have now developed remarkable character, work ethics, school focus, good grades and visions for a future that includes college. However, they are lacking the personalized, hands-on support that they need to implement the path to college.

Families tell us:

"I didn't know what my questions were when I first sat down with the counselor, but soon I was asking lots and lots of questions. I know what my next steps are now."

"The counselor and I researched together through the computer. I did not know how to do that on my own."

"I wanted to help my daughter. I want her to have a career, even though I didn't have that opportunity. Now I am learning what I can do to help her."

"The guidance counselor and the language interpreter made it possible for me to learn how to help my son get to college. I didn't even know I could help!"

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