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promoting academics

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Families tell us: 

"This program is very educational and teaches us parents. Some of us parents have never gone to a classroom to learn. We have never had a teacher. I love to go to a class and learn." 
"Sunday Friends teaches the parents so we can be ready to teach our kids."

Sunday Friends believes that children will be receptive to school learning if they believe that they have the capability to learn and if they have had the experience that learning is fun!

Most of the children who come to Sunday Friends have had numerous interruptions in their academic life due to the transience of their families. They have "gaps" in their education that lead them to self-concepts of being under-achievers. In Sunday Friends, we turn that around. 

The joy and success of academics are interwoven into all that we do:

  • Our art projects always include writing.

  • Our cooking projects include measuring.

  • Ticket handling and shopping require math.

  • Letter writing is designed to be rewarding, both in ticket earning capacity and the closeness and expressiveness that develop as families create thank you letters together.

  • Throughout every program, volunteers play academic board games with children that are fun and that teach math, English literacy, nutrition, science, history, technology, ecology and more.

  • Special volunteers use carefully-chosen computer programs to teach programming and academics.

  • We teach computer literacy for whole families every program.

  • Parents also learn academics as well as how to support their children's success in school through our classes.

  • And families take home learning projects to complete together during the week.  See Continuing in the Homes.

Our Program Evaluation demonstrates how successful Sunday Friends is with Promoting Academics.

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