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Families tell us: 

“We know the importance of being able to speak, write, and read in English. My youngest is only 1 year and 8 months but we are preparing him for the future. ” 

“I have been learning English, writing, and I think that I can write more, I can understand more, and I can speak more, because I went to the library and write things that I write in the letters that I write for the donors.” 

“I think that I can write more, I can understand more, and I can speak more”

If you would like to receive a packet of handwritten, hand-illustrated letters from Sunday Friends’ family members, merely make a donation to Sunday Friends. We know that you will be touched by the effort that is poured into each letter for you. You will learn about the difference that your particular donation made and you will personally come to know the sincere and hard working people who participate with Sunday Friends.

When you enter Sunday Friends’ activity room, you will see over 20 tables filled with children and parents writing personal, thoughtful thank you letters to Sunday Friends' supporters. They express gratitude for specific donations, tell about themselves and share insights, wishes, viewpoints and creative thoughts on a variety of carefully formulated essay topics. By practicing and developing their literacy skills, our family members come to see themselves as capable writers, a self-image they once lacked given their educational backgrounds.


Further, family unity builds and children are influenced as their parents model the new behavior. The children may have never before seen their parents writing. As they write side-by-side, children tend to help their parents learn English while parents help their children develop focus and perseverance.

A meaningful part of each letter is the essay, where writers have a chance to expound upon their views regarding parenting, education, violence prevention, giving to others, and more. The essay questions, which change every week, cover all of the developmental assets and, effectively, help the participants strengthen their own commitments to their healthiest values and beliefs. 

90% of parents feel more confident in their writing ability because of Sunday Friends. 
77% note that their child is more confident in their writing ability. 

The letter writing is also a way in which Sunday Friends’ families give back to their community while they earn tickets redeemable for basic necessities.

Our Program Evaluation demonstrates how successful Sunday Friends is with Promoting Writing Skills.

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