Volunteer Opportunities
At Sunday Friends

Holiday gift opportunities

Sign up for special HOLIDAY Opportunities including these:

  • GIFT-A-FAMILY to sponsor a family for Holiday Gifts

  • GIFT CARD DRIVE to host a drive to collect gift cards for Sunday Friends' participants.

  • HEALTHY HOLIDAY GOODY BAGS to assemble for our youth.

remote volunteer opportunities

Sign up for REMOTE opportunities to do at home including these:

  • ASSEMBLE TAKE-HOME LEARNING KITS for families to use with their children off-line. 

  • DIAPER OR TOILET PAPER DRIVE to host a drive to collect diapers or toilet paper for our Drive-Thru.

  • OnLine Education Assistance to assist with specific needs in our online education program.

frontline volunteer opportunities

Sign up for IN-PERSON opportunities to do at home including these:



  • DELIVERING TO HOMEBOUND to deliver basic necessities & food to homebound members.

  • PICK-UP DRIVE-THRU INVENTORY to pickup periodic bulk orders of basic necessities from Dollar Tree.

Thank You For Your Continued Support!

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